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This September, Co-Founder of MatchX and CEO of MXC, Sheen Xin Hu traveled to California to pitch in front of IT-industry experts and investors, going backstage with some of the IT giants, engaging deep discussions with policymakers, shedding light on why Berlin is called the "next Silicon Valley".

MatchX has been awarded the honour of being selected to represent the German’ Start-Up ecosystem devoted to facilitating the exchange of expertise and opinions within the framework of campaign “Wunderbar together“*.

*Wunderbar together is the motto of the Year of German-American Friendship. From October 2018 until the end of 2019, over 1,000 events between the East and West coasts of the USA will show that the two countries are close and share many values and experiences.

At the beginning of September, MatchX engaged in meetings with representatives of the tech giants of Silicon Valley, as well as American and German politicians.

In addition, MatchX had the rare chance to participate in an exclusive pitch event “Industrie 4.0 Startup Showcase”, powered by EIT Digital with the support of the German American Business Association (GABA). At this pitch event, MatchX and 7 other startups presented their innovative products and solutions in everything from computer vision, robotics, wireless communications, artificial intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain technology. CEO, Sheen Xin Hu also managed to meet some of our key investors based in the Bay City area.

I believe these kinds of activities will not only enhance German - American cooperation in the field of science, business and politics, both at the governmental and business levels but also will be a good example of healthy cooperation between states and promoting sustainable development. - Sheen Xin Hu, Co-Founder & CEO of MatchX

Wunderbar together, Georg Boie - ForkOn, Andreas Bell - IOX, Sheen Hi Xun - MatchX, Diana Rees - ZkSystems, Dr. Michael Suppa - Roboception, Paul Günther - ProGlove, Jan Schnitker - Is It fresh, Florian Bonanati - Echoring by R3 Communications

All participants of Industrie 4.0 Startup Showcase are pictured here. From left: Andreas Bell, COO at 'IOX', Diana Rees, CEO and Co-Founder at 'ZkSystems', Paul Günther, Co-Founder at 'ProGlove', Georg Boie, COO at 'Fork0n', Sheen Hin Xu, Co-Founder at 'MatchX' & CEO at 'MXC', Karthik Suri Chief Operating Officer, GE Digital, Jan Schnitker, CEO & Co-founder at 'is it Fresh', Dr. Michael Suppa, Co-Founder and CEO at 'Roboception', Florian Bonanati, Founder & Managing Director at 'Echoring by R3 Communications'


Company visit: IoT Players in the Bay Area


Ericsson: Showcase of 5G platform

Ericsson, a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company, launched a 5G platform that will open new horizons for further development of IoT and what is the most important that it will boost data-heavy applications like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

These are just some of the use-cases of 5G:

  • Broadband and media everywhere
  • Smart vehicles, transport
  • Critical services and infrastructure control
  • Critical control of remote devices
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Sensor networks

There is an ongoing development and spreading of 5G around the world bringing IoT to a new level. The synergy of both, LPWA and cellular networks, is the future of IoT.


Ericsson, 5G platform

Ericsson D-Fifteen, a co-creation and innovation center, in Santa Clara

Cisco: LoraWAN gateways

Cisco is another worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, that also IoT Platform Kineticproduces LoRaWAN gateways. Cisco unveiled the IoT Platform Kinetic that will help to extract, compute, and move data from your connected things to various applications and get a significantly increased return on data processing for businesses.

Discussing the LPWAN industry and future opportunities with representatives of Cisco, there was one thing all participants agreed on: LPWAN, 5G, Bluetooth, NB-IoT are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary and interrelated technologies.

LPWAN, 5G, Bluetooth, NB-IoT are NOT mutually exclusive, but rather complementary and interrelated technologies.

OSIsoft: the grandfather of all IoT companies

OSIsoft is considered the grandfather of all IoT companies. OSIsoft started IoT data reporting services way back in 1980. Worldwide, over 2 billion sensor-based data streams are managed by the PI System (application software for real-time data management). Over 1,000 leading utilities, 80% of the world's largest oil and gas companies and 65% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 rely on the PI System in their operations.

OSIsoft, IoT platform, PI SystemOSIsoft

OSIsoft HQ, California


Circuit launch: Love, Death & Robots

Last but not least, Circuit Launch. They are a sanctuary for all IOT, VR, AR, and other electronic HARDWARE startups.  Circuit launch offers 31K sq ft of co-working space, providing members with office, lab, and micromanufacturing workspaces. In Berlin MotionLab.Berlin offers a similar concept: a machine park for prototyping, co-working and community space. 3D printers, CNC milling, and lasers. "In my view, robots, drones, 3D printers, and AI will frame the global development agenda and change business and production around the globe.” - summed up Sheen, Co-Founder & CEO of MatchX

Circuit launch <> MatchX company tour

Andra Keay, Circuit launch co-working space

In my view, robots, drones, 3D printers, and AI will frame the global development agenda and change business and production around the globe.


During these events MatchX was able to demonstrate a revolutionary breakthrough to the IoT industry and the world's data needs, an end-to-end network solution that ensures increased data efficiency whilst reducing energy consumption and significantly reducing costs. MatchX hardware operates on the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology, which can connect sensors over extremely long distances, while offering optimal battery life and requiring minimal infrastructure.

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Kirill Krupin

Written by Kirill Krupin