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MatchX GmbH, the leading LPWAN solution provider from Berlin, announced today that they have partnered with Sejong Solutech, an Internet of Things (IoT) service provider based in Daejeon, Korea to roll out a joint solution for smart parking to provide real time monitoring of free spots in crowded car parks. The pilot project has been implemented in Daejeon. In a next step, the partners look to scale the solution for nation-wide implementation.


“Low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) is the most energy efficient and reliable technology for wireless data transmissions in smart cities to improve traffic congestion and limited car parking,” said Xin Hu, CEO of MatchX. “This joint partnership will benefit citizens daily and save them valuable time. It is a model for future smart urban infrastructure.”

Sejong Solutech is an IoT focused venture as part of Hanil Telecom Co., and provides LoRa (Long Range) based IoT services primarily for the Korean government, army and corporations. The smart parking project has been supported by Korean government grants and is set to pave way for further proof of concept projects in Korea.

This joint project was implemented in November which saw MatchX supply technology ranging from the gateway and sensors to the cloud server in order to monitor and notify available parking spaces within seconds. The sensor data is routed using LPWAN technology to the Match X gateway, and transmitted to the cloud. The data from the deployed sensors are aggregated to provide a real-time interactive parking map.

“We are excited to introduce LPWAN technology to our car parks in Korea,” said Daniel Yoon from Sejong Solutech. "MatchX technology has deep coverage and robust security which allows us to build efficient smart parking solutions. The generated data has the potential to greatly improve efficiency and is extremely valuable for city planners to optimise the flow of traffic.”

Sejong Solutech is the newest of many partners to work with MatchX for smart city projects and this collaboration seeks to tackle the very relevant problem of parking in modern cities.



MatchX provides a revolutionary breakthrough to the IoT industry and the world's data needs, an end-to-end network solution that ensures increased data efficiency whilst reducing energy consumption and significantly reducing costs. MatchX hardware operates on the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology, which can connect sensors over long distances, while offering optimal battery life and requiring minimal infrastructure.

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Prajay Raghu

Written by Prajay Raghu